The vegan mentor

The Vegan Mentor, in a nutshell:

The Vegan Mentor is a complete resource for people who want to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle, as well as those who have already adopted this way of life. The information and articles provided throughout the site will give you the tools needed to embrace a plant-based lifestyle with confidence and ease.

There’s also loads of information on general health, the environment and animal welfare throughout the site that will appeal to anyone who cares about the impact their actions have on themselves, the environment and others.

The Vegan Mentor mission:

The Vegan Mentor aims to educate, support and inspire both those who wish to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, as well as those who are already vegetarian or vegan, by providing informative resources, sound advice, and ethical vegan products. 

So, who’s running the show?

The Vegan Mentor is run by Tristan, in London, who has been vegan since 2006. Becoming vegan has changed Sarah’s life for the better and she is now much healthier, happier and more aware than she was in her omnivorous days.

The one thing Sarah lacked when researching and adopting a plant-based lifestyle was a mentor who she could pester about calcium absorption, carbon emissions, and free-range eggs. This lack eventually led to the creation of The Vegan Mentor in the hope that others would be saved from confusing internet search results and skewed diet and lifestyle advice.

Through The Vegan, Mentor Sarah hopes to help others increase the number of whole plant foods they eat and adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle while having fun in the process!

Got a question?

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