Not vegan?

Having trouble reading labels? Check out this list of some non-vegan ingredients and products:

  • Albumen: from egg whites
  • Beeswax: secreted by bees
  • Bone char: ash from animals’ bones
  • Bone meal: from ground animal bones
  • Carmine: from dried, crushed insects
  • Casein: from milk
  • Caviar: fish eggs from slaughtered fish
  • Chitin: from the hard parts of crustaceans
  • Chocineal: from dried, crushed insects
  • Collagen: from animal connective tissue
  • Gelatine: from boiled animals’ hooves, bones, and horns
  • Insulin: from the pancreas of sheep or pigs
  • Isinglass: from the swim bladders of slaughtered fish
  • Keratin: from hair, horns, and hooves
  • Lactose: from milk of mammals
  • Lanolin: from sheep’s wool
  • Lard: from fat surrounding animals’ stomachs
  • Oestrogen: from cow ovaries and horse urine
  • Parchment: from sheep or goat skin
  • Pepsin: from gastric juices of slaughtered animals
  • Progesterone: from animal tissue
  • Rennet: from cow’s stomachs
  • Shellac: secreted by insects
  • Squalene: from shark livers
  • Spermaceti wax: from sperm whales and dolphins
  • Tallow: from fat surrounding animals’ kidneys
  • Testosterone: from farmed animals
  • Urea: from the liver of farmed animals
  • Volaise: ostrich meat
  • Whey: from animal milk

Not on the list?

If you have a question about something that is not on this list, or if you have anything to add, please contact me.